Voice of New Jersey Audubon - 12/31/1996
This is the Voice of NJ Audubon for Tue., Dec. 31, with reports of TUFTED DUCK, RAZORBILL and a host of Christmas Count goodies with locations if known and not private property. A TUFTED DUCK has been present this week in Horseshoe Cove, Sandy Hook among the thousands of scaup. A RAZORBILL was on the rocks on the Manasquan Jetty Dec. 24 preening. Here are the count highlights:

Sandy Hook Dec. 21, 107 spp, with Snowy Owl; 2 Male BARROW'S GOLDENEYE(1 in Spermaceti, 1 in Horseshoe coves); REDHEAD; GOSHAWK; BALD EAGLE. Lakehurst Dec. 21, 110 spp, had DOVEKIE at manasquan, WHITE-WINGED DOVE in Mantoloking, chat, RED-NECKED GREBE and BALTIMORE ORIOLE. Assunpink Dec 29, 89 spp, with GR. CORMORANT, LESSER BLACK-BACKED GULL, REDHEAD, WHITE-EYED VIREO & CHIPPING SPARROW. Great Swamp Dec 21, 84 spp, with SOLITARY VIREO & RED- NECKED GREBE in South Mountain Reservation, 2 HOUSE WREN, SHORTEAR(new), & MERLIN. Sussex Dec 21, with 97, had no misses, with N. SHRIKE & MARSH WREN.

Hackensack Ridgewood Dec 21, 84 spp, with 2 LINCOLN'S SPARROWS, GR. CORMORANT, LAUGHING GULL, and possible LITTLE BLUE HERON. The Salem Co. portion of the Middletown, Del. count Dec 22, had YELLOW-HEADED BLACKBIRD on the Nuke Road in Salem. Oceanville(incl. Brig) Dec. 21 had in the 120's, with MARBLED GODWIT still at Absecon, 3 ORANGE-CROWNED WARBLERS and 3 WILLET. Other counts from the first weekend will be reported when we have details.

From the weekend of Dec. 28-29: Warren had 76 species, with LARK SPARROW, PHOEBE, SAW-WHET and WHITE-WINGED JUNCO(details needed). Boonton, Dec. 29 had 106, with N. SHRIKE on Edwards Rd. in Troy; SOLITARY VIREO, NASHVILLE WARBLER, 4 HOUSE WRENS, 2 PHOEBE, DOUBLE CRESTED CORMORANT & RED-HEADED WOODPECKER.

Moorestown Dec 29, with about 100 spp, had a LECONTE'S SPARROW at Palmyra, still there Dec. 30; GNATCATCHER, DICKCISSEL, LESSER BLACK-BACKED GULL, SORA, VESPER SPARROW, ICELAND GULLS & LESSER BLACK- BACKED GULLS at the Pennsauken Dump.

Another SNOWY OWL was reported during the week at Brig; a Bald Eagle was on Lake Parsippany Dec. 21.

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