Voice of New Jersey Audubon - 2/9/2000
This is the Voice of NJ Audubon for Wed Feb 9 with reports of Review List THAYER'S GULL and other gulls, BARROW'S GOLDENEYE, VARIED THRUSH, updates on RUFOUS HUMMER and other recent rarities, and reports of N. SHRIKES, WHITE-WINGED CROSSBILLS, GREATER WHITE-FRONTED GEESE, LAPLAND LONGSPURS, REDHEADS, MARBLED GODWIT and local reports.

A first year THAYER'S GULL was reported Feb 3 at Florence on the Delaware, and two more on Feb 7; ICELAND, GLAUCOUS, LESSER BLACK-BACKED, A NELSON'S-TYPE HYBRID, and a leucistic HERRING GULL were all reported at Florence this week; also a bird thought to be a CALIFORNIA GULL was photographed there Feb 2. Please submit documentation and photos to NJBRC!

A male BARROW'S GOLDENEYE was at Merrill Creek Feb 7 among 200 COM. GOLDENEYE; REDHEADS were also there this week and also on Round Valley Res. in a large flock of RINGNECKS.

The VARIED THRUSH continues as of Tues Feb 8 at #4040 Oak Road in Buena. From 40/54, take 40 east to Oak and turn right to 4040. Take care not to spook the bird. From 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. appears to be good, and the bird has been reported as early as 7 a.m. and as late as 3 p.m. Leave a donation in the box for the meal worms the bird is eating!

Updates: the RUFOUS HUMMER in Blackwood is still coming! It can be seen from the car. Best time is before 11 a.m. for good light. Call the Taylors at 856-232-8527 before you come. The previously reported SANDHILL CRANES in Cream Ridge, the BARROW'S GOLDENEYE from Sandy Hook and the EARED GREBES from Lakes Bay have not been reported recently; in that same Lakes Bay area where the grebes were are 6 REDHEADS, variously seen from Bay Drive, Hampton Ave., and Tunis Road.

Also from the shore this week: 5 MARBLED GODWITS were at the end of Great Bay Blvd, Tuckerton Feb 5. Three RAZORBILLS were at Manasquan Inlet Feb 5 (2 flyby). A GLAUCOUS GULL was in a small hole in the ice in Old Sam's Pond Feb 5, but the shore ponds are frozen tight.

Two GREATER WHITE-FRONTED GEESE are in the Moorestown area, Burlington County seen at intersection of 537, Centerton Road and and Westfield Road Feb 5, and seen again Feb 8 at the intersection of Hartford and Centerton Roads. A flock of WHITE-WINGED CROSSBILLS also stopped briefly in Moorestown Feb 5, but were not seen again.

NORTHERN SHRIKES were reported this week at Stony Brook-Millstone Watershed; at Cape May; at mile marker 9 on 615 in Sussex between Beavens and Walpack center; At Assunpink near HQ (also 80 HORNED LARKS near the bait and tackle shop); and a N. SHRIKE was at Great Swamp Feb 5 on Pleasant Plains Road, along with RED-HEADED WOODPECKER and RED-SHOULDERED HAWK.

Dark and light ROUGHLEGS were at DeKorte in the Hackensack Meadows Feb 6 and 7, and also 30 HORNED LARKS. Two RAVENS were at High Point Visitor Center Feb 4. GOLDEN EAGLE was at Delaware Water Gap Feb 5; BALD EAGLES on the upper Delaware Feb 5-6 were at King Cole (2); Columbia (5); Worthington (3); Poxono (3) and Yards Creek (3). At Oberle Road, Alpha, LAPLAND LONGSPURS and SNOW BUNTINGS were with 60 HORNED LARKS Feb 5, and a roughleg was also seen there. A flock of HORNED LARKS was also found at the Mercer Equestrian Center on Federal City Road in Pennington Feb 3.

A winter feeder goodie is a CAPE MAY WARBLER found at a feeder Feb 5 in Columbia, Warren County and seen Feb 6 and 7. From 80 west take exit 4 Columbia to 46 east (or come from 46 west) to Columbia and look for Knowlton family restaurant in town. Take Indian Head Lane directly behind the restaurant to the 3rd house on the left (gray with a basketball hoop). Take the walkway past the front door to the deck. Facing the river, the suet feeder is to the right in a big silver maple. Birders are welcome. No one needs to be home for you to see the bird.

The most unusual birder location report of the week: a birder who was a patient at Cooper Hospital, Camden had a PEREGRINE in view from his bed! The bird perched on the corner of the roof and remained there for some ten minutes!!.

The Voice of NJ Audubon is a weekly report on birding in New Jersey. To report please call 908-766-5787 or fax 908-766-7775. Documentation of rarities on the review list goes to NJBRC, 142 Moore St, Princeton 08540. Good birding and thanks for calling, surfing and reporting.

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