Voice of New Jersey Audubon - 3/25/1998
This is the Voice of NJ Audubon for Wed March 25 with reports of THAYER'S, ICELAND and GLAUCOUS GULLS, YELLOW-HEADED BLACKBIRDS, EUR. WIGEON, SHORT-EARED OWL, BARRED OWL, SEASONAL REPORTS and a report on the Bivalve impoundments.

Reports from Florence on the Delaware River this week include an adult THAYER'S GULL reported earlier, and a few LESSER BLACK- BACKED GULLS and ICELAND GULLS. A GLAUCOUS GULL was at Shark River Inlet on the jetty March 22 and an ICELAND GULL was at Manasquan Inlet also March 22. A EURASIAN WIGEON was on Brielle Road in Manasquan March 22.

Male YELLOW-HEADED BLACKBIRDS were reported March 22 at Bacon Neck Road in Greenwich (Cumberland Co.), and at the access road to the Salem Nuclear Plant. An ICELAND GULL was at the Nuke Plant again this week for the third week. BLUE-WINGED TEAL were in several locations in Salem and Cumberland Counties this week. The Turkey Point-Dividing Creek area had 5 imm. BALD EAGLES March 22. Thompson Beach on March 22 had thousands of DUNLIN, lots of GREATER YELLOWLEGS, BLACK-BELLIED PLOVER, 2 DOWITCHER (sp), hundreds of TEAL, and is in good condition for lots of shorebirds later on. There is a new viewing platform allowing good looks at most of the area.

The PSE&G accesses and boardwalks at Bivalve are a must visit for the World Series. There are singing PIED-BILLED GREBES, COOTS, lingering waterfowl such as GOLDENEYE, LESSER SCAUP and many others, EAGLES, HERONS, and great potential for birds like RUFF, AVOCET and STILT.

Upon leaving Turkey point, proceed south on Rte. 553. Turn right on Berrytown Road, go out to the end, staying right past the barn. After working that, return to 553 and go south to Strawberry Lane. Go right on Strawberry (it becomes Warren Lane) and proceed to a parking lot and look from the boardwalk. Return to 553, continue south, turn right at Shellpile sign and proceed to the Schooner parking lot. In the back of the lot is a parking area next to a second boardwalk. There are many wintering ducks, coots and roosting BCN Herons at this location.

A visit to Great Swamp and Pleasant Plains Road late in the day Mar. 22 was productive: RED-HEADED WOODPECKER at the heronry; 20 WILD TURKEYS on Pleasant Plains; SHORT-EARED OWL on one of the bird boxes at twilight; BARRED OWL in the spruces on the bend; and on the way into Great Swamp, there is a GREAT HORNED OWL visible on the nest on the west side of So. Maple Ave (the road at the 287 exit), south of Madisonville Road at pole #50.

A backyard Hawkwatch on the first Watchung Ridge on March 23 produced 1 BALD EAGLE, 5 RED-SHOULDERED HAWKS, 2 KESTRELS, 4 COOPER'S and 3 SHARPSHINS.

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