Voice of New Jersey Audubon - 4/20/1993
This is the Voice of New Jersey Audubon for Tuesday, April 20, 1993, at 4 PM, with reports of WHITE IBIS, PURPLE GALLINULE, PACIFIC LOON, EURASIAN WHIMBREL, RED-NECKED GREBE, BLACK HEADED GULL, UPLAND SANDPIPER, CASPIAN TERN, local reports, trip announcements, and reports on conditions affecting Big Day scouting. An adult WHITE IBIS was seen April 19 at Brigantine Refuge on the north dike, east pool. An adult PURPLE GALLINULE was on North Pond, Sandy Hook, today, April 20. The PACIFIC LOON was still at Manasquan Inlet April 14 with Common Loons. A WHIMBREL of the Eurasian race with white rump was at Tuckerton this week. Two RED-NECKED GREBES were on Culver Lake, Sussex County, April 20. Three BLACK-HEADED GULLS were still at South Amboy earlier this week and at least one was still there on April 18. UPLAND SANDPIPER was on Featherbed Lane, Sharptown, Salem County, and 26 CASPIAN TERNS were at Mannington Marsh April 17. There were good hawk movements April 17 through 18 at Boonton, at Scherman-Hoffman in Bernardsville, and at Sandy Hook, especially Kestrels. Following are local reports and reports on some conditions relevant to Big Day Scouting. Two LESSER BLACK-BACKED GULLS and 700 Laughing Gulls were on farm fields surrounding Columbus, Rt. 206, Burlington Co., April 17. The Tuckerton Road is now open all the way to the end. PROTHONOTARY WARBLER was in at Parvin State Park and Bear Swamp, Cumberland Co., April 17; note that most of the nature trail in Parvin State Park is impassible owing to high water. In Princeton Institute Woods Palm, Pine, and Myrtle Warblers were in on April 18; and Carnegie Lake had a breeding-plumaged HORNED GREBE. EASTERN KINGBIRD arrived at Skillman on April 18. Upland Sandpipers are not yet in at Linvale, Hunterdon Co., or Beekman Lane, Somerset Co.; the latter does not look good this year for Upland Sandpipers, with bulldozers visible from the strawberry farm on Orchard Rd. Both ends of Bull's Island are inaccessible due to high water; no Yellow-throated Warbler or Cliff Swallows yet, though that may have changed today. Little Blue Heron and Green Heron arrived April 19 in Princeton, and Yellowthroat, House Wren, Wood Thrush, and Black & White Warbler April 20. Sandy Hook April 18 had Thrasher, Towhee, Merlin, Broadwing, Cooper's and Sharpshinned Hawks, and April 20 Catbirds and Black & White Warblers. Green Heron, House Wren, and Solitary Sandpiper arrived in Monmouth Co. on April 20. Scherman-Hoffman this week had good numbers of Palm, Pine, and Myrtle Warblers from April 16 along with Towhee, Chipping Sparrow, Chimney Swift, and Purple Finch. Great Swamp on April 19 had 2 Great Egrets, Osprey, Palm, Pine, Myrtle, and Black & White Warblers, numerous Ruby-crowned Kinglets, Barn Swallow, and Green Heron. Turkey was in Allaire State Park April 19 along with Blue Grosbeak and Broad-winged Hawk. Lake Parsippany April 18 had 5 Com. Loons and 6 Horned Grebes in breeding plumage, 10 Com. Mergansers, 90 Ruddies, 7 Shovelers, 8 Bufflehead, and 10 Ring-necked Ducks. Three NJ Audubon trip announcements: space is available on the following Audubon trips: Colorado, June 26 - July 7; limited space on New Brunswick, Canada, trip, July 19 - 29; and limited space on Acadia National Park, Maine, trip Aug. 8 -14. For information on these trips call Rancocas Nature Center, (609) 261-2495. The Voice of NJ Audubon [(908) 766-2661] is a regular weekly report on birding in New Jersey. The tape is changed regularly on Wednesdays, more often when necessary. [Compiled by R. Kane, NJ Audubon; transcribed for National Birding Hotline Cooperative by L. Larson, llarson@ pucc.princeton.edu.] To report birds to the tape, call (908) 766-5787, or fax (908) 766-7775. For updates between tapes call the NJ Audubon Bird Mailbox, (201) 983-9152. Good birding, and thank you for calling.

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