Voice of New Jersey Audubon - 4/26/2006
This is Scott Barnes with the Voice of New Jersey Audubon Society for Wednesday April 26, 2006 with reports of WHITE-TAILED HAWK, AMERICAN WHITE PELICAN, MISSISSIPPI KITE, KING RAIL, BLACK TERN, DICKCISSEL, seasonal and local reports of interest, and announcements.

An adult WHITE-TAILED HAWK of unknown origin was seen in the Great Swamp NWR from the bridge on Pleasant Plains Rd Apr 25. Please report any additional sightings of this bird. White-tailed Hawk is a non- migratory resident of the Texas coast. Also in the Great Swamp this week were LITTLE BLUE HERON and VESPER SPARROW on Pleasant Plains Rd. A male PROTHONOTARY WARBLER was near the Fisherman's Parking Lot on White Bridge Rd Apr 24-25.

Three AMERICAN WHITE PELICANS were fly-bys off Gunnison Beach at Sandy Hook Apr 26. A subadult MISSISSIPPI KITE was one of 13 species of raptors seen from the Sandy Hook Migration Watch Apr 25. Among the 420 hawks tallied that day were 53 BROAD-WINGED HAWKS and 135 MERLINS. Four WHIMBRELS were noted at Plum Island Apr 23. An ICELAND GULL was found on the parade grounds Apr 25. An ORANGE-CROWNED WARBLER was along Raccoon Alley and a VESPER SPARROW was by the Nike missile at Guardian Park Apr 26. Other migrants Apr 25-26 included AMERICAN BITTERN, 6 GREEN HERONS, 2 BANK SWALLOWS, 75 BLUE-GRAY GNATCATCHERS, 11 species of warbler, 25 SAVANNAH SPARROWS, RUSTY BLACKBIRD, PURPLE FINCH, and ORCHARD ORIOLE. A free, detailed birding map of Sandy Hook is available at SHBO; check the sightings log there for daily reports.

Another MISSISSIPPI KITE was discovered over Garret Mountain Apr 25. Also there that day were 4 BLUE-HEADED VIREOS, 15+ PALM WARBLERS, and PURPLE FINCH.

Hunterdon County reports this week included a RED-THROATED LOON and BLACK TERN at Spruce Run Reservoir Apr 25 and a "wreck" of 150 COMMON LOONS Apr 23; a one-day-wonder female DICKCISSEL was at Round Valley Reservoir Apr 24.

Old Mine Rd in Worthington State Forest hosted 50+ RUBY-CROWNED KINGLETS, numbers of BLUE-HEADED VIREOS, A YELLOW-THROATED WARBLER at the traffic light, CERULEAN WARBLER, and numbers of LOUISIANA WATERTHRUSHES.

At Hyper Humus Marsh in Lafayette Apr 26 a probable KING RAIL was heard along with VIRGINIA RAIL and COMMON MOORHEN. Directions to Hyper Humus Marsh are available at the Sussex County Bird Club's website at http://www.sussexcountybirdclub.org At Culvers Lake Apr 25 were 5 RED-THROATED LOONS, 90 COMMON LOONS, and a male SURF SCOTER.

Birds noted at the Allendale Celery Farm this week included AMERICAN BITTERN, 2 CASPIAN TERNS, 3+ WARBLING VIREOS, NORTHERN WATERTHRUSH, and 5 PURPLE FINCH.

An AMERICAN GOLDEN-PLOVER was noted at Brigantine NWR Apr 23 along the south dike.

At the Franklin Parker Preserve south of Chatsworth SOLITARY SANDPIPER, 18 WILSON'S SNIPE, and a VESPER SPARROW were noted Apr 24.

A HOODED WARBLER highlighted birds along Carranza Rd in Wharton State Forest Apr 24.



Sandy Hook Bird Observatory's annual Spring Migration Watch runs daily through May 15. Birders are encouraged to visit anytime between 9 am and 5 pm. Come by and see what's flying and say hello to this year's counter, Calvin Brennan of Michigan. For more information about the watch, see http://www.njaudubon/Centers/shbo and click on Sandy Hook Migration Watch.

The Voice of New Jersey Audubon is a weekly report on birding in New Jersey. To report birds please call 732-872-2500. Observers are requested to submit documentation (photos, field sketches, written descriptions) of Review List Species to the New Jersey Bird Records Committee at 91 Sycamore Lane, Skillman NJ 08558. Thanks for calling and reporting.

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