Voice of New Jersey Audubon - 4/30/1997
This is the Voice of NJ Audubon for Wed., Apr. 30 with reports of ANHINGA, LITTLE GULL, RUFF, GLAUCOUS GULL, ICELAND GULL, possible adult THAYER'S GULL, seasonal arrivals, and local reports of interest.

A female ANHINGA was seen at Sandy Hook Apr. 26 soaring with two CORMORANTS. Also at the Hook this week, an adult LESSER BLACK- BACKED GULL Apr. 28 at Spermaceti Cove, and VEERY and PRAIRIE WARBLER the same day. A LITTLE GULL was at South Amboy Apr. 26. A RUFF with brown and black plumage and orange legs was last reported at Brig on Apr. 22. Also at Brig the same day was a SHORT-EARED OWL hunting around the observation tower.

At Florence on the Delaware River, 15 LESSER BLACK-BACKED, one ICELAND and two GLAUCOUS GULLS were still present. A bird believed to be an adult THAYER'S GULL was studied there on Apr. 28. Reach the area from Rte. 130 via Delaware Ave., then left along the river to the boat launch or the park.

A PROTHONOTARY WARBLER was at Princeton Institute Woods Apr. 27 along the canal and VIRGINIA RAILS are still at the marsh there. NO TAPES PLEASE. A SWAINSON'S THRUSH at Garret Mountain Apr. 27 was early, but most later April migrants are or were late. SOLITARY SANDPIPER and ROSE-BREASTED GROSBEAK were at Great Swamp Apr. 26. A SURF SCOTER was on Merrill Creek Res. Apr. 26.

SUMMER TANAGER arrived at the railroad tracks on Rte. 555 in Dividing Creek Apr. 27; PROTHONOTARY WARBLER is at the 555 culvert as usual, and also on the tracks off Ackley road as usual. The shorebird concentration at Thompson's Beach in Cumberland County is large; hundreds of GREATER YELLOWLEGS and LESSER YELLOWLEGS, loads of DUNLIN, some DOWITCHERS, BLACK-BELLIED PLOVER, and also in the area, MERLIN, BLACK SKIMMER, lots of TEAL, and BUFFLEHEAD. Heislerville impoundment has lingering BUFFLEHEAD and RUDDY DUCK.

PURPLE MARTINS arrived at Skillman Apr. 28. CATTLE EGRETS were at Cranbury Apr. 22. CATBIRD and N. ORIOLE are in at Scherman-Hoffman in Bernardsville.

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