Voice of New Jersey Audubon - 5/13/1998
This is the Voice of NJ Audubon for May 12 Tue, with reports OF WHITE-FACED IBIS, LONG-TAILED JAEGER, PARASITIC JAEGER, SWAINSON'S WARBLER, WHITE-WINGED CROSSBILL, BLACK TERNS and ROSEATE TERNS, LITTLE GULLS and World Series of Birding results from May 9.

A WHITE-FACED IBIS was in a flooded pond on Shunpike Rd., just off Stimpson's Ln., near the Beanery, Cape May; it was seen on May 10 and May 12. A LONG-TAILED JAEGER was seen from the 2nd Ave. jetty in Cape May May 9. Two PARASITIC JAEGERS, several BLACK TERNS, a ROSEATE TERN, and lots of GANNETS, both LOONS and SURF and BLACK SCOTERS were seen at Cape May Point May 8 and 9.

A SWAINSON'S WARBLER was reported on the World Series somewhere in Atlantic County on May 9. A flock of 20+ WHITE-WINGED CROSSBILLS were reported in tamaracks and spruces at Watergate on the Old Mine Road along the Delaware Thurs May 7. LITTLE GULLS were reported this week from South Amboy, Salem Nuclear Plant and Lake Como (two on May 12). BLACK-HEADED GULL was reported from South Amboy and Salem Nuclear Plant.

Following are the scores from World Series May 9--congrats to the winners and all others as well.

# Denotes Non-resident Category Team * Denotes Limited Geographic Area Category Team 1998 Cumulative Total seen by all teams 258

200 Phillipsburg Riverview Assn "Pohatcong Grasslanders" 198 Nikon/DVOC 196 Birders World Magazine "Butcherbirds" 190 Swarovski/Cornell "The Sapsuckers" # 181 Bushnell/Smithsonian Institution "Woodpeckers" # 178 Benchmark Export Services "The Roadrunners" # 176 Kowa Optimed #* 173 Leica "Nighthawks" * 173 NJ Conservation Foundation "Orioles" 171 Carl Zeiss Optical 171 Leica "Leica Bulls"/"Stokes Stompers" 157 Wildbird Magazine "Team Zugunruhe" # 153 Maryland Ornithological Society "Maryland Yellowthroats" #* 145 Vermont Inst. of Natural Science "Green Mtn Goatsuckers" # 142 Common Ground Distributors "Common Denominators" * 140 Friends of the Park/Atlantic Co. Parks "Wrending Talons"* 140 Owl Haven Nature Center "Jersey Phalaropes" 140 Reckitt & Colman Inc / Weis Ecology Center 140 South Branch Watershed Assn "Watershed Wings" 138 Valley Forge Audubon Society "Rough Grouse" * 136 PSE&G "Power Birders" 133 Greenkill Environmental Education Center "Gnatcatchers" 131 Scherman Hoffman "Dollarbirds" Century Run * 131 The Nature Conservancy New Jersey, "Semipalmated Rovers" * 131 Wildbird Centers "Re-tailed Hawks"* 130 Swarovski "Acolytes" * 129 Buffalo Audubon Scoiety "Niagara Gull Guys" # 129 Novartis "Vireo" 126 Celestron / Rancocas Nature Center * 126 NJ Pets "The Bird Brains" 126 Wetlands Institute "The Marshketeers" * 125 CT Audubon / Northeast Utilities / Lebanon 125 Perky Pet Products / CMBO Century Run * 121 Ocean Nature / Lakewood Cogen / Kokes Org. "Surfbirds" * 117 Swift Instruments "Lorrimer Swifts" 116 The Nature Conservancy Pennsylvania "Four Loons from Pa." 111 Morris Parks / GPU Energy "Highlands Hawks" 110 Clementon Bird Club 110 Fiduciary Trust/Church & Dwight "Wandering Tattlers" 100 PSE&G "NBU Nighthawks" 80 Cape May National Golf Course "Cape May Nationals" * 79 Poricy Park Citizens Committee "Poricy Park's Meadowlarks" * 74 Fairview Lake YMCA "Fairview Flock" * 60 Sandy Hook Bird Club "Sandy Hook Onlies" *

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