Voice of New Jersey Audubon - 5/2/2002
This is the Voice of the New Jersey Audubon for Thursday, May 02, 2002 with reports of EARED GREBE, SWAINSON'S WARBLER, WHITE-WINGED DOVE, EURASIAN GREEN-WINGED TEAL (COMMON TEAL), SEDGE WRENS, RED-HEADED WOODPECKERS, RED CROSSBILLS, UPLAND SANDPIPER, KING RAIL, passerine migrants, seasonal and local reports of interest.

An EARED GREBE was discovered at Nummy Island in Stone Harbor April 30. The WHITE-WINGED DOVE continues at the Cape May feeder at 409 Clay Street off of Lafayette.

Twenty-seven species of WARBLERS were reported in New Jersey this week including a singing male SWAINSON'S WARBLER at Jakes Landing found May 1 and still present May 2 at the usual Yellow-throated Warbler location there. GOLDEN-WINGED and HOODED WARBLERS are on territory in the Pequannock Watershed along with most of the area's local nesters. An early TENNESSEE WARBLER visited Sandy Hook May 1 and an ORANGE-CROWNED WARBLER was reported there April 26 and another at Garrett Mt. April 30. Other warbler reports of note include CERULEAN WARBLERS on territory at the Old Mine Road and a PROTHONOTARY WARBLER at Belleplain SF and one at Sandy Hook May 1.

A EURASIAN GREEN-WINGED TEAL (COMMON TEAL) stopped at Bivalve on May 1, while individual SEDGE WRENS were present on the Eco-Leeds Trail at Forsythe (Brigantine) NWR April 28 and at Hatfield Swamp in West Caldwell April 29. A KING RAIL walked across the road at the entrance ponds to Forsythe on April 28.

A RED-HEADED WOODPECKER was observed in Colts Neck April 30 on Cedar Drive one house in as you enter from Heyer's Mill Road (Delorme P. 44, H-8), and the Great Swamp bird continued through April 29. Six RED CROSSBILLS remain April 27 at Carranza Road in Wharton SF (Delorme P. 56, K-8), while PINE SISKINS and PURPLE FINCHES were widely reported this week.

An UPLAND SANDPIPER flew by the Sandy Hook Migration watch April 29 and SOLITARY SANDPIPERS were widely reported. Sandy Hook hosted both BITTERNS this week and Hyper Humus was home to COMMON MOORHEN, VIRGINIA RAIL and SORA April 28. C. MOORHEN was also present at South Amboy (Morgan) April 28.

CUCKOOS this week include a YELLOW-BILLED CUCKOO at Sandy Hook April 30 and a BLACK-BILLED CUCKOO at Allaire SP May 1. Extremely early EASTERN WOOD-PEWEES were reported at High Point SP April 27 and Sandy Hook May 1, while ACADIAN FLYCATCHER returned to Allaire SP May 1. Two AMERICAN PIPITS flew by the Sandy Hook Migration Watch April 27.

The Sandy Hook Migration Watch had a 500+ HAWK day April 27 with three NORTHERN GOSHAWKS and a 300+ hawk day May 1 with one BALD EAGLE.

BALTIMORE ORIOLES and ORCHARD ORIOLES and SCARLET TANAGER were widely reported this week and a SUMMER TANAGER returned to Belleplain SF April 27. BLUE-HEADED, WARBLING, RED-EYED and YELLOW-THROATED VIREOS were all present this week along with VEERY and WOOD THRUSH with spring migration now in full swing.

The National Park Service at Sandy Hook has an urgent need for motivated individuals to serve as PLOVER and TERN colony wardens this summer. For more information contact Jeanne McArthur at 732-872-5936.

The Voice of NJ Audubon is a weekly report on birding in NJ. To report birds, please call 732-872-2500. Documentation of review list species goes to the NJ Bird Records Committee at 91 Sycamore Lane, Skillman, NJ 08558. This is Pete Bacinski wishing you the best birding and thanks for calling, surfing, and reporting.

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