Voice of New Jersey Audubon - 5/21/1997
This is the Voice of NJ Audubon for May 21 with reports of BLACK- NECKED STILT, RUFF, WILSON'S PHALAROPE, PAINTED BUNTING, AVOCET, MARBLED GODWIT, LITTLE GULL, and seasonal and local reports.

At the Cape May spoil impoundments just south of the canal and east of Seashore Road, 2 BLACK-NECKED STILTS, a WILSON'S PHALAROPE, a RUFF and lots of other shorebirds were present May 16-18. A female PAINTED BUNTING was at Higbee May 16-17, and OLIVE-SIDED FLYCATCHER was there May 18.

An AVOCET was at Brig May 16 but not thereafter, and a MARBLED GODWIT was there May 18, with 4 CASPIAN TERNS, GULL-BILLED TERN and BALD EAGLE. The MARBLED GODWIT was not seen from the Shellpile in Cape May May 17 or 18, but a WILSON'S PHALAROPE was in the intracoastal waterway at Grassy Sound May 17.

Princeton Woods May 17 had GRAY-CHEEKED THRUSH, KENTUCKY WARBLER, lots of SWAINSON'S THRUSH and BLACKPOLLS. Garret Mountain had an excellent flight May 19, with at least 24 warblers including KENTUCKY and good numbers of MAGNOLIA WARBLER, BAY-BREASTED, CANADA WARBLER, CHESTNUT-SIDED, BLACKBURNIAN, etc. Other species there were MOURNING WARBLERS, WILSON'S WARBLERS and a late PALM WARBLER, and a good flight of SWAINSON'S THRUSHES.

Warblers at Sandy Hook were good May 17 and 18 and included HOODED WARBLERS, WILSON'S WARBLERS, and CHAT. Also on May 18 at Sandy Hook, in Spermaceti Cove, there were two LITTLE GULLS and a MARBLED GODWIT. May 20 was a great fallout in the rain at Sandy Hook, with 3 MOURNING and 12 WILSON'S WARBLERS, 2 YELLOW-BELLIED FLYCATCHERS, a GRAYCHEEK/BICKNELL'S and SWAINSON'S THRUSHES, 12 WHITE-CROWNED and 10 LINCOLN'S SPARROWS.

Watchung Reservation May 17 had 18 warblers near Deserted Village, with numbers of BAYBREASTS, BLACKBURNIAN and WORMEATING WARBLERS. Johnsonburg May 18 had RED-HEADED WOODPECKER and WILSON'S WARBLER.

There was a LAWRENCE'S WARBLER on Schooley's Mountain, Long Valley May 20. On May 15, a WINTER WREN was singing on Cushetunk Mt., near Round Valley.

Thompson's Beach in Cumberland County continues to have thousands of shorebirds, but so far, no goodies.

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