Voice of New Jersey Audubon - 5/7/1997
This is the Voice of NJ Audubon for Wed., May 7, 1997 with reports of LITTLE GULL, WILSON'S PHALAROPE, ICELAND GULL, RUFF, lingering birds, local reports and big day tidbits.

LITTLE GULL was still at South Amboy May 5 along with VIRGINIA RAIL and MERLIN. YELLOW-CROWNED NIGHT-HERON is at Keypoprt and RED KNOT at Conaskonk Point. Sandy Hook had BALD EAGLES May 2 and 4, and MERLIN and SHARP-SHINNED HAWK May 4.

The Hackensack Meadows Environmental Center area on May 3 had WILSON'S PHALAROPE, PINTAIL, BLUE-WINGED TEAL, LESSER YELLOWLEGS, GADWALL, RUDDY DUCK and LESSER GOLDEN PLOVER. At nearby Kearny Marsh East, the road into the marsh off Rte. 7 (Belleville Pike) between the Janitex Plant and the Amtrak tracks has PIED-BILLED GREBE on the nest, LEAST BITTERN and AMERICAN COOT, all in the same patch of reed near the trailer, and GADWALL and RED-BREASTED MERGANSER in the impoundments.

An ICELAND GULL was reported Apr. 24 still at Barnegat Light. Last report of the RUFF at Brig was Apr. 24. [Transcriber's note: after tape time there was a report from Monday 5/5, of 2 RUFFS at Brig -- one brown, one black.]

Assunpink had COMMON LOON, RUDDY DUCK and BUFFLEHEAD May 4, also ORCHARD ORIOLE and INDIGO BUNTING, and SAVANNAH SPARROW and MEADOWLARK nearby on the Mercer Corporate Park on Rte. 526.

Great Swamp has SOLITARY SANDPIPERS at the Fisherman's Lot at the White Bridge on Stirling Rd, WILD TURKEYS on Pleasant Plains Rd, and WARBLING VIREOS at the White Bridge and at the Meyersville Rd. dead-end in Green Village. Lamington Road (Rte. 523) has WARBLING VIREO and ROUGH-WINGED SWALLOW at the bridge to Oldwick, and BOBOLINKS and MEADOWLARKS are behind the church in Lamington. PURPLE MARTINS are in colony at AT&T near Great Swamp and on the Great Road at the Skillman bend.

PINTAILS were at Randolph Park off Rte. 10 in Succasunna May 5 and nearby Roxbury Pond off Atlantis Drive and Eyland Ave. had GREATER YELLOWLEGS, LEAST SANDPIPERS & SOLITARY SANDPIPERS, SAVANNAH SPARROW and SPOTTED SANDPIPER also May 5.

Princeton had 16 warblers May 4 but not PROTHONOTARY; Garret Mt. May 4 and 5 had 20 warblers, including WORM-EATING WARBLER, CAPE MAY WARBLER, CERULEAN WARBLER and HOODED WARBLER. Linvale has 3-4 UPLAND SANDPIPERS, BOBOLINK, and GRASSHOPPER SPARROW. Echo Lake Park in Cranford has CATTLE EGRET and LITTLE BLUE HERON.

Wreck Pond in Sea Girt has 40 RUDDY DUCK. Great Swamp May 7 had CANADA WARBLER, BLACKPOLL, BLUE-WINGED WARBLER and PARULA, and LEAST FLYCATCHER at the Green Village end of the Meyersville Rd and BOBOLINK and MEADOWLARK on Woodland Road.

Thompson Beach in Cumberland County has lots of shorebirds, reportedly both DOWITCHERS. Scherman Hoffman in Bernardsville had INDIGO BUNTING and ROSE-BREASTED GROSBEAK at the feeder; PILEATED WOODPECKER near the building; TURKEY off and on; relatively light warbler numbers; LOUISIANA WATERTHRUSH but so far no WORM-EATING.

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