Voice of New Jersey Audubon - 6/17/1998
This is the Voice of NJ Audubon for Wed, June 17 with reports of SANDHILL CRANE, MISSISSIPPI KITE, DICKCISSEL, seasonal and unseasonal reports and local items.

A SANDHILL CRANE was seen at Brig in the NW corner, W Pool, June 16; on June 15 at Brig, a snipe was at the Gull Pond Tower for a half hour, feeding. Also at Brig were small numbers of GREATER YELLOWLEGS and SEMIPALMATED SANDPIPERS; one CASPIAN TERN, and 12 or more GULL-BILLED TERNS. CHUCK-WILLS-WIDOWS, WHIP-POOR-WILLS, WOODCOCK, VIRGINIA RAIL, and CHAT were all calling at dusk circa 9 p.m. on Leeds Point Road June 15.

Up to three DICKCISSEL males were found at Brightview Farm June 14- 15, along with BOBOLINK and GRASSHOPPER SPARROW. A MISSISSIPPI KITE was over Featherbed Lane, Sharptown, Salem Co., June 16. AMERICAN COOT appears to be nesting at Mannington Marsh. At Birch Creek Marsh in Gloucester Co., just north of Pedricktown off Rte. 130, the male AMERICAN WIGEON and male N. PINTAIL continue as of June 16.

At the intersection of Sunset and Meisle roads in Belleplain State Forest, a SUMMER TANAGER was easy to see and hear June 16, mostly on Meisle Road, easily reached from the Forest headquarters. In the exotic department, a EUROPEAN GOLDFINCH was at a thistle feeder in Springfield. A RED-THROATED LOON was at Sandy Hook this week.

In Cape May, the Soras with young continue to be found in South Cape May Meadow.

VIRGINIA RAILS can be heard at the Hillside Road bridge in Chester--the King Rail was not reported this week. The ALDER FLYCATCHER continues one mile in on the railroad bed at Black River near the birches.

CERULEAN WARBLERS are evident along Old Mine Road on the Delaware River between Worthington Forest and Depew in the Recreation Area; also on that route are ravens at the water gap; HOODED WARBLERS, PARULA and BLACKBURNIAN WARBLERS, ACADIAN and LEAST FLYCATCHERS; YELLOW- THROATED VIREOS and WARBLING VIREOS; and COMMON MERGANSER and SPOTTED SANDPIPER.

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