Voice of New Jersey Audubon - 6/26/1996
This is the Voice of NJ Audubon for Wednesday, June 26 with reports of MISSISSIPPI KITE, SWAINSON'S HAWK, UPLAND SANDPIPER, DICKCISSEL, COM. RAVEN, YELLOW-RUMPED WARBLER, local reports and an important conservation alert following the reports. A MISSISSIPPI KITE and 8 BROAD-WINGED HAWKS were seen hawking cicadas over Flat Rock Brook in Englewood June 22. An adult light phase SWAINSON'S HAWK was seen heading west over the Schiff Reservation in Mendham June 23. The DICKCISSELS continue at Orchard Rd., Hillsboro and also at Hillsboro Rd., Hillsboro, where the male is a cooperative drive-up on the wire. Hillsboro Rd. is a few intersections below 514 off 206. Go east on Hillsboro Rd. about a mile to Hillsboro Farm sign.

3 COMMON RAVENS were on the micro tower at High Point June 22, and a YELLOW-RUMPED WARBLER was at Kuser Bog the same day. Sawmill Road in High Point State Park has breeding BROWN CREEPER, CUCKOOS and CERULEAN WARBLER. The MOURNING WARBLER was not seen June 22 and 23 at the cut on Clinton Rd., but GOLDEN-WINGED WARBLER, CHESTNUT-SIDED WARBLER, and INDIGO BUNTING are easy there. Clinton Road also has BLACKBURNIAN, BLACK-THROATED GREEN, PINE WARBLERS and MAGNOLIA WARBLERS, PURPLE FINCH, WINTER WREN, BROWN CREEPER and SOLITARY VIREO, most of these in the P4, P5 areas so marked on the road. Reach it from Rte. 23. Three UPLAND SANDPIPERS were at Orchard Road, Linvale June 23; from Rte. 31 at the white Church, take Linvale Rd. to Orchard Rd.

Conservation Alert(June 26): Ask your senators to oppose S-391, the so-called Federal Lands Health Protection and Restoration Act. The Act purports to address a health crisis on public forest lands, but instead will cause erosion, soil damage and loss of wildlife habitat. It will bring roads to roadless areas; it weakens NEPA and ESA review provisions for cuts on federal lands and curtails public review; and it will cause cutting of healthy stands of trees if they are outnumbered by dead trees on the site, a natural condition that regularly occurs in forest succession. In New Jersey, call or write senator Bill Bradley, 731 Hart Building, Washington DC 20510 202-224-3224 and Senator Frank Lautenberg, 506 Hart Building, Washington, DC 20510 202-224-4744 Please also call your New Jersey House member at 202-224-3121 and thank him/her for voting for an ammendment on the Appropriations Bill to repeal the Timber Salvage Rider. The NJ delegation to their credit voted 12-0 to repeal the rider. Rep. Torricelli did not vote.

The Voice of NJ Audubon is a regular weekly report on birding in New Jersey. Sponsored by New Jersey Audubon Society, the tape/web page changes Wednesday. Web site is at http://www.njaudubon.org [Compiled by R. Kane, NJ Audubon; transcribed for National Birding Hotline Cooperative by J. Bickal, jbickal@pluto.njcc.com] To report call 908-766-5787; after hours, dial extension 18 at the prompt; or fax 908-766-7775. For updates between tapes call the NJ Audubon Bird Mailbox, (908) 647-2357. Good birding and thanks for calling, faxing, surfing.

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