Voice of New Jersey Audubon - 8/1/2000
This is the Voice of New Jersey Audubon for August 1, 2000, with reports of AVOCET, seasonal shorebirds, and local reports.

An AVOCET was at Brigantine (Forsythe) NWR last week, not reported in the last several days. STILT SANDPIPERS were reported at Brig in the NW corner of the west pool July 27.

The Environmental Education Center in Lyndhurst this week had WILLET, FORSTER'S TERN, breeding RUDDY DUCK, SKIMMER, numbers of SEMIPALMATED SANDPIPERS, GREATER YELLOWLEGS, LESSER YELLOWLEGS and SHORT-BILLED DOWITCHERS (most of those off the Transco Trail, not in the Kingsland impoundment which is high water). July 29, an UPLAND SANDPIPER was overhead at the Transco Trail. A DOUBLE-CRESTED CORMORANT nest is visible from the same place, on a power tower, just like last year. The Kingsland Impoundment [beside HMDC HQ] is supposed to be drawn down [for shorebirds] around Aug 15 this year --- best to inquire at the center closer to the date.

In the Sawmill WMA, visible from the elevated tracks at Kearny East July 29, there were two WILLETS, a RUDDY TURNSTONE (rare in Hackensack Meadowlands), several CLAPPER RAILS and, in Kearny East, two families of COOTS. A PEREGRINE was also in the area July 29.

At Merrill Creek July 31 were resident CLIFF SWALLOWS at the tower outlet, a BALD EAGLE, lots of migrant BANK SWALLOWS, PURPLE MARTIN and resident TREE SWALLOWS and BARN SWALLOWS in great numbers.

Owing to the weather, few reports came in the last several days.

Migrants reported in various places this week inlude EASTERN KINGBIRD, numbers of YELLOW WARBLERS, SPOTTED SANDPIPERS and SOLITARY SANDPIPERS and BOBOLINK.

The Voice of New Jersey Audubon is a weekly report on birding in New Jersey. To report, please call 908-766-5787 or fax 908-766-7775. Good birding and thank you for calling, surfing and reporting.

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