Voice of New Jersey Audubon - 9/11/1996
This is the Voice of NJ Audubon for Tues., Sept. 10 at 4 p.m. with reports of SOOTY TERN, CURLEW SANDPIPER and other shorebirds, LOGGERHEAD SHRIKE, and local reports of interest.

Following Hurricane Fran, imm. SOOTY TERNS were seen in Cape May on the morning of Sept. 7, feeding with other terns off the Gingerbread Church. A juvenile CURLEW SANDPIPER was found in Burlington County near the Columbus Sod Farms on Rte 670, about 100 yards east of Rte./ 206 and the WAWA on the corner. The bird was still there Sunday, Sept. 8. Also nearby on the Columbus or Clarksville sod farms this week were 10-12 AM. GOLDEN PLOVER, BLACK-BELLIED PLOVER and UPLAND SANDPIPER.

The previously reported LOGGERHEAD SHRIKE was still present in Cumberland County on Bayside Road Sept. 4 to 7 in the field on the umarked road on the wires. Take Rte. 607 from Bridgeton to Greenwich. From Greenwich, take Rte. 642 to the 2nd left on Bayside Road. Before the marsh, take the unmarked road right and look for the shrike in the fallow field or on the wires.

On Sept. 7 and 8, GOLDEN PLOVERS and 4 to 5 BUFF-BREASTED SANDPIPERS were on Herbert Road on the sod farms near Assunpink. Other BUFF-BREASTS were on the Allentown Sod Farm on Rte. 526 visible from the firehouse just east of Allentown on Sept. 7. More BUFF-BREASTS were in Holmdel on Rte. 520 on the sod farms near the brush piles Sept. 9; both BUFF-BREASTS and GOLDEN PLOVERS were on Rte. 524 at Millstone, also Sept. 9. BUFF-BREASTS, GOLDEN PLOVERS and UPLAND SANDPIPER have also been at the Johnson Sod Farm in Deerfield, Salem Co., over the last 10 days and longer. GOLDEN PLOVERS were on the Cape May National golf course Sept. 4.

At Forsythe Refuge (Brig) Sept. 7, shorebirds included WILSON'S PHALAROPES and RED-NECKED PHALAROPES, HUDSONIAN GODWIT, BAIRD'S SANDPIPER, and one or more BLACK TERNS were seen.

The Chimney Rock hawk watch began Aug. 31. A total of 106 birds was recorded through Sept. 5, including 4 BALD EAGLES, and 16 species of warblers.

The Voice of NJ Audubon is a weekly report on birding in New Jersey. Sponsored by New Jersey Audubon Society, the tape/web page changes Wednesdays. Web site is at http://www.njaudubon.org [Compiled by R. Kane, NJ Audubon; transcribed for National Birding Hotline Cooperative by L. Larson, llarson@ pucc.princeton.edu.] To report birds to the tape, call (908) 766-5787, or fax (908) 766-7775. after hours calls can be routed to the Voice Mail Box at Ext. 18. For updates between tapes call the NJ Audubon Bird Mailbox, (908) 647-2357. Good birding, and thank you for calling/faxing/surfing.

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