Voice of New Jersey Audubon - 9/20/1995
This is the voice of NJ Audubon for Wednesday, Sept. 20, 1995, at noon, with reports of LARK SPARROW, DICKCISSEL, YELLOW-HEADED BLACKBIRD, PHILADELPHIA VIREO, CONNECTICUT WARBLER, BUFF-BREASTED SANDPIPER, AM. GOLDEN PLOVER, ANHINGA, AVOCET, seasonal reports and several announcements (first those).

1. Thanks for the calls on HR2275, the bad Young/Pombo Endangered Species Bill. Keep the letters, faxes, calls coming to your House members.

2. Raccoon Ridge hawkwatch is closed to the public during repairs to the Upper Reservoir as of now--how long is not known.

3. On Monday Sept. 25, important hearing on the Alpha Grasslands (Oberle Rd.) at the Pohatcong Twp. Municipal Bldg., Municipal Dr. south of Rte 78 off Rte. 519. A good turnout of birders and interested citizens to hear the consultant's report on endangered species would be helpful. If the crowd is large, the meeting will move to nearby Warren Glen School.

Now the birds. Two AVOCETS were at Whitesbog Sept. 18. An ANHINGA was reported this week near the Delaware Memorial Bridge.

Overpeck Park this week had LARK SPARROW, CONNECTICUT WARBLER and YELLOW- HEADED BLACKBIRD. Thompson Park in Lincroft (Monmouth Co.) this week had CONNECTICUT WARBLER, DICKCISSEL and PHILADELPHIA VIREO. Dorbrook Park on 537 near Colt's Neck this week had LARK SPARROW, WHITE-CROWNED and LINCOLN'S SPARROW Sept. 18.

On Sept. 17, Brigantine (Forsythe) NWR had 6 BUFF-BREASTED SANDPIPER and 10 AMERICAN GOLDEN PLOVER. Palmyra since Sept. 15 has had 20 warblers including CONNECTICUT, also CLIFF SWALLOW, YELLOW-BELLIED FLYCATCHER, PHILADELPHIA VIREO, LINCOLN'S SPARROW. Assunpink Sept. 14 had a CASPIAN TERN. Scherman Hoffman Sept. 15 had PHILADELPHIA VIREO, YELLOW-BELLIED FLYCATCHER and a good warbler flight.

Sandy Hook Sept. 15 had PHILADELPHIA VIREO; Sept. 16, 3 PHILADELPHIA VIREO and a MOURNING WARBLER in the Locust Grove near North Pond and 1 PHILADELPHIA VIREO in the garden and WILSON'S WARBLER in Brookdale. On Sept. 18, a CONNECTICUT WARBLER was near the portajohn at the end of area K and SWAINSON'S THRUSH and YELLOW-BELLIED FLYCATCHER in Brookdale.

Widely reported this week were PURPLE FINCH, WHITETHROAT, JUNCO, WILD TURKEY, PALM WARBLER, RED-BREASTED NUTHATCH and BROAD-WINGED HAWK. A dead VIRGINIA RAIL was found at Green Pond (a somewhat unusual location).

The Voice of NJ Audubon [(908) 766-2661] is a regular weekly report on birding in New Jersey. The tape is changed regularly on Wednesdays, more often when necessary. [Compiled by R. Kane, NJ Audubon; formatted for National Birding Hotline Cooperative by L. Larson, llarson@ pucc.princeton.edu.] To report birds to the tape, call (908) 766-5787, or fax (908) 766-7775. For updates between tapes call the NJ Audubon Bird Mailbox, (201) 983-9152. Good birding, and thank you for calling/listening/surfing.

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