Voice of New Jersey Audubon - 9/25/1996
This is the Voice of NJ Audubon for Wed., Sept. 25 with reports of AVOCET, MARBLED GODWIT, BLACK TERN, BROWN PELICAN, COMMON EIDER, LINCOLN'S SPARROW, AM. GOLDEN PLOVER, hawk flights, CONNECTICUT and other warblers, PHILADELPHIA VIREO, and local reports of interest.

An AVOCET was seen at Brig on Sept. 19. The RUDDY SHELDUCKS reported there the same day are probably escapes. A MARBLED GODWIT was at Brig Sept 18 [and a HUDSONIAN GODWIT Sept. 22 -LL]

A BLACK TERN was at Manahawkin Sept. 15, and over the last ten days, a few BROWN PELICANS were reported lingering around Tucker's Island off Tuckerton.

Sandy Hook Sept. 21 had 2 CONNECTICUT WARBLERS and a LINCOLN'S SPARROW at the north end; an imm. RED-HEADED WOODPECKER on the lawns near the garden; a PHILADELPHIA VIREO and GOLDEN-WINGED, WILSON'S WARBLERS and CANADA WARBLERS in the Brookdale maintenance area; and a few ROYAL TERNS at Spermaceti Cove.

COMMON EIDERS were reported Sept. 21 at Sandy Hook, Long Branch and Spring Lake on the Monmouth Birding Blitz.

Spectacular hawk flights occurred at Chimney Rock and Montclair on Friday Sept. 20: Montclair had 12,000 BROADWINGS, and Chimney Rock had 17,000, along with 30 BALD EAGLES.

LINCOLN'S SPARROW reports were widespread this week: in addition to Sandy Hook, they were reported at Palmyra, ; at Fenimore Rd. in Medford; at Walton Rd. in Mt. Laurel; and at the Warren Green Acres site in Somerset County.

Palmyra this week had CONNECTICUT WARBLERS on the 20th and 24th; 14 species of warblers on the 21st, and LAWRENCE'S WARBLER on the 22nd. About 50 AM. GOLDEN PLOVER were on the Columbus Sod Farm Sept. 19th.

Hartshorn Woods in Monmouth County Sept. 21 had CONNECTICUT WARBLER, GRAY-CHEEKED THRUSH, YELLOW-THROATED WARBLER as well as HOODED WARBLERS, CAPE MAY WARBLERS and many other warblers. A CONNECTICUT WARBLER was seen in Westfield at Taylor Park on Prospect St. Sept. 18

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