Voice of New Jersey Audubon - 9/9/2010
E-mail reports: sightings (at) njaudubon.org Compilers: Pete Bacinski and Scott Barnes, Sandy Hook Bird Observatory Web: http://www.njaudubon.org

This is Scott Barnes with the Voice of New Jersey Audubon for Thursday September 9, 2010 with reports of WHITE IBIS, PARASITIC JAEGER, WESTERN KINGBIRD, YELLOW-HEADED BLACKBIRD, seasonal and local reports of interest.

A WHITE IBIS was a dawn flyover at the NJ Meadowlands' Harrier Meadow Sep 7. Other birds found in the meadowlands included SORA and LONG-BILLED DOWITCHERS at the Kingsland Impoundment, STILT SANDPIPER at the Clay Ave wetlands, BALD EAGLE, BLUE GROSBEAK at Harrier Meadow, and 55+ BOBOLINKS. A CLAY-COLORED SPARROW was detected at Mill Creek Marsh in Secaucus Sep 8.

A MARBLED GODWIT was viewed on the mudflats between the Bayonne Golf Club and Ocean Terminal Sep 6.

A BUFF-BREASTED SANDPIPER was found at Overpeck Park Sep 4-6.

Sightings at Spruce Run Reservoir Sep 3-4 included LITTLE BLUE HERON, SNOWY EGRET, 5 BAIRD'S SANDPIPERS, LAUGHING GULL, 6 CASPIAN TERNS, and 7 COMMON TERNS. A SORA, 2 SANDERLINGS, and 3 BAIRD'S SANDPIPERS were noted at the mouth of Mulhockoway Creek Sep 6.

Glenhurst Meadows (Warren Green Acres) Sep 9 had 17 species of warblers including TENNESSEE WARBLER, BLACKBURNIAN WARBLER, and BAY-BREASTED WARBLER; also there were BARRED OWL, RED-HEADED WOODPECKER, and PHILADELPHIA VIREO.

Sandy Hook reports this week included AMERICAN GOLDEN-PLOVER, 4 BAIRD'S SANDPIPERS, RED KNOT, STILT SANDPIPER, and BLACK TERN at the end of the Fisherman's trail Sep 3, a WESTERN KINGBIRD at the salt pond Sep 3, a PARASITIC JAEGER at the False Hook Sep 4, and a SORA in K-lot Sep 5. Eight CLIFF SWALLOWS were tallied Sep 5. Landbirds noted Sep 4-6 included BLACK-BILLED CUCKOO, 2 YELLOW-BELLIED FLYCATCHERS, YELLOW-THROATED VIREO, PHILADELPHIA VIREO, 24 species of warblers including TENNESSEE WARBLER, 2 BAY-BREASTED WARBLERS, CAPE MAY WARBLER, and CONNECTICUT WARBLER in the bowl; LARK SPARROW at K-lot, and a CLAY-COLORED SPARROW on the Road to Nowhere Sep 5-7. Three flyover DICKCISSELS were detected Sep 4. Birds found Sep 9 included 2 AMERICAN GOLDEN-PLOVERS over F-lot, an AMERICAN BITTERN detected in a shrub along Raccoon Alley, 2 YELLOW-BELLIED FLYCATCHERS, and a CONNECTICUT WARBLER in the scout camp. A free detailed birding map of Sandy Hook is available at SHBO; check the sightings log there for daily reports.

Sod fields along Willow Brook Rd in Holmdel hosted 4 BUFF-BREASTED SANDPIPERS and 2 AMERICAN GOLDEN-PLOVERS Sep 6. A BAIRD'S SANDPIPER was noted there Sep 7.

An AMERICAN AVOCET was discovered at Wreck Pond Sep 5. It or another Avocet was seen in the Glimmer Glass section of Manasquan Sep 5.

Brigantine NWR sightings this week were of 32 TRICOLORED HERONS and an AMERICAN BITTERN at the gull pond Sep 3, 6 AMERICAN GOLDEN-PLOVERS, 3-4 AMERICAN AVOCETS, numerous BUFF-BREASTED SANDPIPERS, 3 BAIRD'S SANDPIPERS, and 30+ LONG-BILLED DOWITCHERS in the northwest pool. A HUDSONIAN GODWIT was seen along the south dike Sep 4. One to two immature/female-type YELLOW-HEADED BLACKBIRDS have been seen with the RED-WINGED BLACKBIRD flock on both the north and south dikes Sep 3-6.

Wheelabrator Refuge in Gloucester County had PHILADELPHIA VIREO, CONNECTICUT WARBLER, and WILSON'S WARBLER Sep 9.

The Voice of New Jersey Audubon Society is a weekly report on birding in New Jersey. To report birds please call 732-872-2500 or email sightings AT njaudubon.org Thanks for calling and reporting. Please submit reports of Review List Species (photos, field sketches, and/or written documentation) to the New Jersey Bird Records Committee at 14 Crown Dr, Warren NJ 07059 or report AT njbrc.net Good Birding and thanks for reporting.

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