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Bayshore Discovery Project

2800 High Street, Bivalve, NJ 08349
Phone: (856) 785-2060

OWNER:  Bayshore Discovery Project

DIRECTIONS:  Go back down Strawberry Ave. to CR 553/Main St. Turn Right onto Main St. Turn Right onto CR 631/High St. and follow to end. Bayshore Discovery Office will be on your Left, and Commercial Twp. Restoration Site will be on your Right. The A. J. Meerwald is visible in the harbor, unless it is at sea.   Map
ACCESS AND PARKING:  The center is open daily from 9 am to 5 pm. Visitors must call for sailing hours.

Fiddler Crab
Fiddler CrabBill Garwood
SITE DESCRIPTION:  The A. J. Meerwald is a restored Delaware Bay oyster schooner that was built in nearby Dorchester in 1928. Locally-built schooners evolved into distinct vessels constructed to meet the special needs of Delaware Bay oystermen. The A. J. Meerwald was one of hundreds of schooners built along the Bayshore in a thriving industry that continued until the Great Depression and the decline of oyster populations nearly brought it to a halt. Today, only a handful of boatyards still exist. The Meerwald is now used as a floating classroom, providing visitors with the hands-on experience of a waterman’s life. Visit the maritime museum located in the old shipping sheds on the schooner’s dock for a glimpse into local culture and a history lesson about the bayshore. In 2009, the Bayshore Discovery Project received a large grant to finish improvements to the shipping sheds and enhance its visitor exoeriences.

Winter:  No sailing trips occur during this time of year, however, walk to the end of the dock and scan the river for sea ducks, or cross the road to the PSE&G restoration site boardwalk (see directions above).
Spring:  Take a spring sail on the Meerwald and look for Osprey on or near the platforms that were specially constructed to provide them with nesting sites. Scan the river for migrating waterfowl and the river banks for shorebirds. Take a wetlands walk with a knowledgeable naturalist.
Summer:  The summer is a wonderful time to sail on the schooner and cool off. Gather ‘round as the crew on the schooner brings in a trawl net full of marine creatures. Learn the difference between a spider crab and a blue crab. Take a look through a microscope at the microscopic creatures that are the basis of the food chain.
Fall:  The salt marsh turns gold and the sunsets are spectacular. Book a sunset cruise on the schooner and enjoy the beauty of the estuary.

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