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Bayside Road Boat Launch/Caviar Tower Road Dock Site - Bayside Tract Preservation Site

Bayside Road, Greenwich, NJ
Phone: (888) 627-7437

OWNER:  Public Service Enterprise Group (PSEG)

DIRECTIONS:  Turn around, retrace your route back to the T (0.8 miles) and continue straight on Wheaton Island Rd. approximately 1.4 miles, passing White Clay Rd. to the triangular intersection with Old Mill Rd. (to your Left) and Tindall Island Rd. (to your Right). Turn Right onto Tindall Island Rd. and travel 1.8 miles to Bayside Rd. Turn Right onto Bayside Rd. and proceed 1.2 miles where, just beyond the PSEG parking space, the road forks with Caviar Tower Rd. to the Left and Bayside to the Right. Continue on Bayside to the boat launch (0.6 miles). When you have completed your visit there, return to the fork and take Caviar Tower Rd. out to the edge of Delaware Bay (0.4 miles).   Map
ACCESS AND PARKING:  Open daily from dawn to dusk. Parking available on site.

SITE DESCRIPTION:  Check the gulls, terns and cormorants perching on the tops of the remains of the pilings for the docks that once made this area a very active commercial fishing port. Only the footings of the tower that once stood at the end of Caviar Tower Rd. remain. In winter, waterfowl can be seen here in large numbers out on the Delaware Bay. Again, scan the tall trees for perching eagles and don’t forget to look up for soaring eagles.

Handicapped Access